About Me

Hey this is Fredy Peralta I’m a BIM Specialist.​

I have a Bachelors in Architecture and have been working with 3D models for more than 10 years, both professionally and as a hobby. I like to work as efficiently as possible and that has led me to create workflows to optimize how I do things and to learn how to program (both visually and with Python).

I’ve worked at companies that do industrial and commercial buildings performing a broad range of tasks, currently I’m working with an Electrical contractor in the BIM department (modeling stuff to be coordinated with other trades and then pre-fabricated). I also do consulting for clients in a broad range of services that include construction drawings, Architectural visualization, walkthrough videos and interactive content like 360° panoramas, Virtual reality and Augmented reality models.

I’d like to learn and understand how things work. One of my hobbies is researching and playing with electronics using sensors, and one of the reasons I got into programming while working with a Raspberry Pi with Python scripts. The best part, sometimes I get to blend 3D modelling, 3D printing and electronics!.

Feel like we could work together?

Let me know