How to Boost productivity

There’s one skill that you can learn in a short amount of time that will dramatically increase your efficiency and productivity and that’s using Keyboard shortcuts. But  please note, We are not talking about the usual ctrl+c and ctrl+v (and whatever the equivalent is on macOS), that’s a given.  If you still don’t use those shortcuts, please try them and I’m sure you’ll be hooked for life!.

Almost every program comes with a preset of keyboard shortcuts that we can use to do all sort of things way faster than going to the location where the function is. I personally sometimes don’t even know where things are, I just know the shortcut, that way I don’t waste time trying to remember where to look. 

Yeah, it ill take some time before you can be fast. At the beginning it will probably take you a bit more time to look at your list of shortcuts and click the right shortcut, you may even type the wrong one but trust me within a short period of time you’ll no longer need your little list and you’ll be able to do it naturally without even thinking.

Yes, I said your little list, as you need to start with just a few, otherwise it will become a burden and you’ll stop using it. Start with a couple, once you master those add a couple more and in no time you’ll memorize all your daily shortcuts. You don’t need to remember all the possible shortcuts of a software, only the ones you use the most. That’s the key to efficiency.

Once you are comfortable working with shortcuts, you should check my future post about my high productivity keyboard and my trackball (a trackball is a mouse but instead of moving the whole thing you only move a little ball, I think that’s the best thing to avoid hurting your wrist), there’s also a regular mouse version if you think the trackball is odd. 


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